Why You Should Use Beeswax Wraps

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When was the last time you used plastic cling wrap? Where is it now? Somewhere on this planet where it will stay for hundred’s of years. Hopefully in a landfill and not in our oceans. Either way, less than ideal right?

What if I tell you, there are natural Australian beeswax papers that can retain the freshness of your food even if you reuse them for hundred’s of times. What happens at the end of their life? Either rejuvenate, cut and compost or use them as fire starters. Use beeswax food wraps/covers to keep your food fresh and most importantly, save the environment. Wanna know more? Read on!

Our wraps, also known as beeswax food covers or papers, are made from GOTS certified organic cotton, beeswax, tree resin and coconut oil. All handmade, one by one, in Brisbane, Australia.

Plastic pollution is a big problem we are currently facing on our planet. It might not be too bad in Australia since most of it is hidden off in massive landfills, but it is very visible in many other poorer countries around the world. Why does it keep getting worse and worse? Simply because we keep buying it. If we stop buying it, companies stop selling it, so manufacturers have to stop producing it.

Of course, we can’t just stop buying things we need. That’s why we have alternatives. Many small businesses are now creating amazing environmentally friendly alternatives which are often healthier and more practical as well.

  • Plastic cling wrap - Beeswax covers/ papers.
  • Plastic straws - Glass, metal & bamboo straws
  • Plastic bottles - Reusable bottles
  • Plastic bags - Reusable fabric bags

& the list goes on.

The best thing we can do is use alternatives where possible and eliminate, or at least minimise the use of plastic everywhere else.

Bee Love Wraps is plastic free and we hope that you are doing your best to use as little plastic as possible.

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